Starlounge Switzerland/ StarLounge Fund

StarLounge Fund is the first Luxembourg AIF investing on mining and blockchain activities.

we created StarLounge Fund in September 2019 to meet the needs of the blockchain companies.

We are miners and we develop software for public and private companies thought blockchain interaction.

Since our inception, we have carried out our projects thanks to private funding. People who were (and are) close to our company have believed in us and in the potential of our solutions. The search for funds was not easy: very often our interlocutors did not know the world of cryptocurrencies and the possibilities they could offer in everyday life. Each interview was not an exam for us, but a lesson for those in front of us.

Today the word cryptocurrency is more or less known by all. We can say more or less the same for the word blockchain, although for many the blockchain is just the place where “cryptocurrencies lives”.

Too often, those with good blockchain projects use a lot of time to explain to their investors the meaning of the words cryptocurrency and blockchain. If the investor does not fully understand the meaning of these terms, he will most likely never fund the project.

We too, like others, had and have good projects that can come out on the market, and we cannot spend too much time explaining what we do in great detail, because we prefer to spend our time creating new tools and improving the ones we have already made.

For these reasons we have decided to create an Alternative Investment Fund: StarLounge Fund as Funding Partner.