Starlounge Switzerland/ Services

We help companies and istitutions to live a better experience with blockchain services

we believe that blockchain technology can improve daily life and business

  1. Blockchain software development

    We develop tailor-made software based on blockchain technology for every kind of business.
    Wallets, Exchanges and private blockchains are developed considering our customers needs.

  2. Coins, Tokens, ICO and STO consulting and carry out service

    Creating a currency or a token requires a careful analysis of the aims and effects on the global system on a legal and economic level.
    We follow you from the checks to the close-up to the market.

  3. PundiX technologies Official Reseller for Switzerland and Italy

    We are official reseller of PundiX technologies for Switzerland and Italy since 2018.
    With PundiX Pos you can accept cryptocurrencies in your store with a beam.

  4. Mining as service

    Using PoW model, with our AI software to develop a predictive and adaptive mining strategy, our customers can obtain an attractive profit.

  5. Mining farm development

    We provide knowledge and expertise on existing and new crypto network to evaluate a business development on crypto mining activities with PoW or PoS models, to have a remuneration into a crypto network.